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New Service Offering

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In response to COVID 19, Acumen PI has added a new online consultancy solution to our holistic service offering. This we believe is entirely unique in that we offer advice and supply you with the tools and techniques to deploy your own investigation at a fraction of the cost of using one of our contracted operators. We guide you through how you can commence and manage a covert investigation to resolution. We provide a complete bespoke action plan with timelines and best practices for you to get the results you require with minimum disruption to your daily routine. All equipment is sent in discreet packaging to an address of your choice, and comes complete with full plug and play instructions. The best thing about it is we are here to literally talk you through the process, giving advice remotely on where to place surveillance equipment, whether GPS or covert CCTV. We are available online to assist and coach you through the process giving you full autonomy on costs. All equipment is professional level HD and chosen with ease of use as a key component. You then have the option to have us write up the report in a full and professional format for inclusion in any litigation or formal cases at a later point.

Contact us now and hire a PI today.

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